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Kelly Clarkson Announces She Won’t Tour This Year and Why

Written by on June 9, 2023

Kelly Clarkson has done a lot this year. On top of hosting her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, she has premiered on her ninth season as a coach on The Voice, an NBC singing competition, and her new album, Chemistry, is coming out later this month, June 23rd.

But unlike some other vocal superstars such as Taylor Swift and Shania Twain, Clarkson does not seem to have any plan to go on a major tour after the release of her newest album.

Earlier this week, the Voice coach joined her Instagram live to share one of her latest songs that features Steve Martin, “I Hate Love.” While on the live, Clarkson takes the time to address a tough subject with her fans.

Everyone wants to know whether or not Kelly will be going on tour after the release of Chemistry. And sadly, the answer is: No.

In her makeup-free, live video, she got real with her followers, admitting that she just doesn’t have the time. With The Kelly Clarkson Show  transitioning from LA to New York, the move has become her full-time job.  Plus, she’s taking care of her two children, and that doesn’t leave much room in her calendar to do mundane things, let alone embark on a nation-wide tour to support the new album.

Speaking from her heart, she says, “I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but I have like a nine-to-fiver. I have a job that’s a lot of work and takes time. I also have kids. They’re in school, and I get really tied down to those things.”

The hit singer-songwriter promises that she is trying to work out a few dates in her calendar, but is not confident that it will work out.

Despite the crushing news, her fans still remain supportive and understanding of her situation.

They filled the comment section with positive statements:

  • “Family first! Do what works for you 🤗”
  • “I just love how real it down to earth this woman is”
  • “Don’t stress, do things at YOUR own pace👏😍!!”
  • “Take care of yourself & your family.. Self time … Your fans will always love you”
  • “Do you babe. No pressure. We love YOU.”
  • “We would love it if you could do a tour but we totally understand that with the kids, the show, it just isn’t feasible. We still ❤️ always a fan”


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