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Limbo No Longer: Veterans’ Care Covered at Cody Regional Health

Written by on October 14, 2020

As of October 1, Cody Regional Health is credentialed thru the Veteran Affair’s new community care network, which means veterans treatment at the hospital will be covered.

For veterans’ care to be covered at Cody Regional, the facilities and providers need to be accredited thru the VA’s community care network. TriWest Healthcare Alliance was recently selected as the new regional network for the VA.

A new contract between Cody Regional and TriWest was signed and executed back in August. But due to system issues at TriWest, the contract was not uploaded into the necessary systems. On Oct 1, Cody Regional no longer appeared as credentialed in VA networks.

Until the issue was resolved, the hospital was unable to provide coverage for veterans’ care due to the lack of accreditation.

Now, the credentialing process has been completed and Cody Regional’s data is loaded into the systems at TriWest and the VA.

In addition, the VA has provided the authority to use the existing Patient-Centered Community Care from Oct 1 to 16. As Cody Regional is already part of the PC3 network, there will be no gap in care or coverage at the hospital.

For veterans, it means its business as usual at Cody Regional. All care and treatment needs — surgery, labs, or anything else — will be covered as they were before the VA system snafu.

There have been questions about whether or not veteran care is covered at Cody Regional Health. We would like to assure…

Posted by Cody Regional Health on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

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