Local Law Enforcement Weighs in on proposed “Adult Chillers” at Maverick

Written by on August 8, 2019

At Worland’s City Council meeting on Tuesday night–Worland Police Captain Zach Newton addressed the council members about Maverick’s proposed “adult chillers” alcoholic beverages.
The city council had chosen to table the talk on the adult chillers during their meeting in late July. This tabling was to give time for local law enforcement to formulate and then deliver their thoughts on the adult chillers potentially being made available.
Captain Newton told the council that he and Police Chief Gabe Elliott feel the packaging would violate the city’s open container laws. The adult chillers are heat sealed closed–then the customer later punctures this heat seal with a straw when consuming. Newton did mention that Maverick reps had relayed they could put the drinks inside a bag of some type that would help local authorities more easily identify if the beverage had been consumed while in a vehicle.
While the department is in favor of consumer choice and business’ ability to turn a profit how they see fit–the adult chillers feel like an open invite–in their view–to violate open container laws and may encourage consumption of alcohol while driving. Newton relayed the fact that 93 fatalities had been reported on Wyoming highways as of the end of July–that number has now reached 96–a more than 30 percent increase from last year’s statistics. In conclusion–Captain Newton–Chief Elliott and the law enforcement community feel the adult chillers would exist in direct opposition to their efforts of keeping roadways safe.
The council did not take any action on the adult chiller topic–and still have the right to approve Mavericks’s right to sell the beverages if they see fit. The council felt it was in their best interest to hear from the law enforcement community prior to any final decision.

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