Manderson Hi-Way Bar Shooting Case Delayed due to Attorney Health

Written by on October 9, 2019

The trial involving Michael Verry who is charged in connection with shooting at the Manderson Hi-Way Bar and Café on February 3rd is currently delayed after a status conference hearing last month.
The Basin Republican Rustler reports the cause of the delay is due to Verry’s attorney, Nick Carter, suffering from issues with his health. Derek Thrall, an attorney with the Nick Carter Law Firm appeared by telephone on behalf of Carter.
Big Horn County Fifth Judicial District Court Judge Bobbi Overfield asked on a time frame for a trial. She mentioned there was talk of a trial in November.
Thrall said it was too soon for their office. He informed the court that Carter is not at the office presently. Thrall asked for setting another status conference in October.
Big Horn County Attorney Marcia Bean said this puts the state in a difficult condition. She felt badly for Carter; however Bean stood on the position that the case needed to move forward. She told the court that the further out the trial date, the more difficult it is to prosecute the case.
In the end it was decided to schedule another status conference in October. In addition, Mr. Verry confirmed to Judge Overfield he had been informed on the circumstances and signed a waiver of a speedy trial in his case.

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