Motorist Rescued from Beartooth Pass Saturday

Written by on June 11, 2019

A motorist was rescued from the Beartooth Pass after the road had been closed due to winter conditions.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol was dispatched just after midnight on June 8th after a report of a stranded motorist on Highway 212 around Beartooth Pass.  A friend of the stranded motorist attempted to reach him, but he had to turn back in his four-wheel-drive truck because of 3-4′ snow drifts.  The responding State Trooper was also unable to reach the motorist because of deep snow.

Employees from the National Park Service who maintain US 212 were dispatched to plow a path to the vehicle, which took them until after 5 a.m. The plow driver and State Trooper were able to plow and shovel the vehicle out of the drift.

The Highway Patrol warns drivers that although the calendar shows June, conditions can quickly change in Wyoming, especially in the mountains.  It’s important to always be prepared in case you become stranded, in hot or cold weather.  Make sure you have enough fuel and provisions to survive, and take the time to research travel conditions along your travel route.

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