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Moving On from Cody Labs

Written by on December 5, 2019

Cody can finally review the autopsy of Cody Labs.

The sudden closure of Cody Labs this past summer caused a panic in town. James Klessens, CEO of Forward Cody, says nobody took the loss harder than he did, but it’s important to remember that this isn’t the first time a major employer has fallen – its happened several times over the past few decades.

Klessens stressed that it was larger, external factors that caused the closure – nothing to do with Cody specifically. Its location and opportunities are still attractive to businesses, many of which are approaching Forward Cody about making a move. Given this interest and remembering what makes Cody so great, being mad or upset about the closure of Cody Labs isn’t what matters now.

7 former employees of Cody Labs elected to stay in Cody and founded BTCP – a pharmaceutical wholesaler specializing in rarer drugs not carried by most pharmacies. They’re already leasing space and looking to grow. Other former Cody Labs employees were hired by Gunwerks, WyTech, and other companies. And with new opportunities, more Cody Labs employees and several other professionals may sake their claim, once again, in Cody.

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