National Retail Fairness Act brings D.C. special interests to Wyoming

Written by on February 19, 2019

In a report from Nick Reynolds of the Casper Star-Tribune — House Bill 220 — or the National Retail Fairness Act — has attracted the attention and scrutiny of lobbyists representing multi-million dollar companies and Washington think tanks.
The bill is designed to affect only “big box” stores — per the report — in an effort to recapture hidden taxes that are already being absorbed by the companies’ large — interstate income pools — this according to bill sponsor Jerry Obermueuller of Casper.
The Wyoming Republican Party has also come out in opposition to the bill. After a three hours of public comments — the Senate Corporations Committee laid back the bill until today’s meeting.
Many — including Senate President Drew Perkins — find the attention given to the bill interesting. Perkins stated quote — “When you look at how much tax this would have on a national organization, it doesn’t even register. National groups represent the people who hire them, and I just find it interesting that we’ve attracted this type of attention when the amount this raises is not a huge amount.” End quote.
Only two of the more than a dozen who spoke on the bill during its public hearing were for the bill. Representatives for the Wyoming Education Association and Wyoming School Board Association mentioned that schools are often the largest employers in town, and that the money potentially collected by the tax means more good teaching jobs.

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