National Weather Services Predicts Wyoming Cold Snap This Week 

National Weather Services Predicts Wyoming Cold Snap This Week

Written by on January 31, 2021

Winter is coming . . . with cold temperatures and heavy snow throughout Wyoming.

The National Weather Service in Riverton is predicting a cold snap this week that will usher in the winter Wyoming has been missing so far in 2021. According to weather forests from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the entire state could see snowfall and a 20-degree drop in temperatures.

As the first week of February progresses, cold air will be making its way into the state. Once it gets here, it will lower daytime temperatures significantly.

For example, Jackson’s anticipated high temperature on Tuesday is 39 degrees. By Thursday, the high could be 21 degrees – and perhaps lower.

Riverton’s high will drop from 36 to 26 degrees, Casper’s from 46 to 25 degrees. Overnight lows could easier be single digits or below zero.

NWS February Cold Snap

Courtesy National Weather Service

Bear in mind – this is just temperature highs and lows. With the winds heard and felt throughout the state in the past few weeks, temperatures have the potential to get dangerously low with wind chills factored in.

These temperature drops will likely be accompanied by widespread snow throughout the state.

Cody could potentially see one of the biggest temperature drops in Wyoming. Tuesday’s forecast, according to the National Weather Service, will be sunny skies with a high near 55 degrees. By Wednesday, a 60% chance of snow and a high of 42 degrees. By Thursday, more snow and a high of 37 degrees.

Temperatures could easily get much lower. Wednesday’s high is currently estimated between 42 and 29 degrees – up to a 30-degree difference from Tuesday.

While nothing is certain, it’s best to be prepared. Anticipate low temperatures and heavy snowfall later this week in Cody and elsewhere.

This is especially important for anyone planning to drive on a Wyoming highway. WYDOT has already announced reduced services on roadways due to budget cuts.

Certain roads, like those between Cody and Greybull, may not be as promptly clear as in years past.

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