New Laws Passed in Last Legislative Session Take Hold

Written by on July 9, 2019

The early parts of July may see the legislative branch have a light schedule–but the laws past in the last session took hold on July 1st.
Over 200 new laws were passed during the last legislative session in Cheyenne–they impact the lives of Wyomingites in ways big and small.
Some select laws that may interest area hunters and antler shed enthusiasts include a new law that gives the Game and Fish Commission power to institute regulations any time of the year on shed hunting. As well the previous legal jurisdiction fell on public lands west of the Continental divide–now extends west of I-25 and I-90 between Buffalo and the Montana border.
Something that may excite hunters is the permitted use of a single leashed hunting dog in their back country pursuits of big game that are wounded during the hunt.
An exciting new law for breweries around the state is the Beer Freedom Act. The act repealed the prohibition of micro-breweries selling their products at picnics–fairs–rodeos and other events. So look for more selection at your favorite summer time event.

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