No Reports of Blue-Green Algae Plumes at Boysen–Pet Owners Reminded to be Vigilant

Written by on August 22, 2019

Cyanobacteria and blue-green algae plumes have been on the minds of pet owners as it seems daily another report of a dog death hits the headlines.
The Thermopolis Independent Record reports that as of Monday–the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality indicated that only four lakes have had the plumes reported. The lakes are located in Albany–Sweetwater and Uinta Counties.
Although Boysen Reservoir is not contaminated at this time, it is good to know what the symptoms are if your pet comes in contact with cyanobacteria.
If your pet exhibits excessive drooling, vomiting, fatigue, staggered walking, difficulty breathing or convulsions after being in the water, drinking it or licking it from their fur, get to the veterinarian immediately.
These symptoms can quickly lead to liver failure or death, even if they don’t appear for several hours or even days after exposure.
If you or your pet have any of these symptoms after being in the water, please be sure to contact the Department of Health.

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