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Nominations Open for Historic Preservation Awards

Written by on February 27, 2020

The Wyoming State Historical Society is seeking nominations for their annual awards.

The call has come for nominations of individuals and organizations that have done outstanding work in preserving and interpreting Wyoming history in 2019. There are seven main categories: Publication Awards, Audio and/or Video Documentary Awards, Fine Arts Award, Youth Awards, Special Awards (such as Outstanding Wyoming Teacher of the Year), Memorial Awards, and Preservation Awards.

While all nominees must have contributed to some aspect of Wyoming’s historical preservation or education, this could apply to a board range of achievements. It doesn’t just have to be trained historians or published authors. Perhaps you know someone who’d restored a historic wagon, collects documents or photographs, anyone who’s done historical preservation through social media. The goal is to recognize any effort, large or small, that has contributed to historic preservation. If it’s part of Wyoming’s history, it applies.

For specific information about each category please review the Awards Manual at or e-mail to receive a hard copy.  Most nominations can be received hard copy, but the exception is the two preservation awards that must be submitted electronically.

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