North Fork Dude Ranches Change Hands

Written by on May 23, 2019

Out of the more than one dozen dude ranches and lodges between Cody and the East Gate to Yellowstone, two of them have changed hands in the last few months.

At the Park County Commissioners meeting Tuesday, First Deputy County Clerk Hans Odde presented requests for changes in liquor licenses at two of the lodges on the North Fork – Absaroka Mountain Lodge and the Bill Cody Ranch.

Odde says that the Bill Cody Ranch has been bought by Jelks Ranch Holdings, which asked for and were approved this week to hold a full retail liquor license with a guest ranch designation.

Gunbarrel Creek, Inc., has purchased the Absaroka Mountain Lodge, and the Commissioners Tuesday approved a restaurant liquor license for that property – which Odde says will allow the lodge to offer wine, beer and mixed drinks to its guests for the first time in many years.

Odde says that the two sales are the most recent changes in ownership for the lodges on the North Fork. He says that the Yellowstone Valley Inn changed hands in August of 2018 and the Red Barn at Wapiti was taken over by new owners last July.

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