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NorthWest College Begins Search for New President

Written by on November 12, 2020

Now that Stefani Hicswa is on her way to Montana State University-Billings to be the Chancellor, the process has begun in finding out who will now be her replacement.

Following a meeting that the board of the school held, the decision was made on who be the interim president for the school until a permanent placement is found. The name of the interim has yet to be publicized from the board.The Board President Dusty Spomer said the official negotiation will be finished by two weeks. Spomer also mentioned that the reason for the privacy is to maintain professionalism and safety of both parties.

The Board elected three trustees who will be in charge of selecting an advisor who will be in charge of bigger pool of people to lead the search advisory committee. The whole board is very open to possibilities in the search and just wants it to be an inclusive process.

The whole process will span over several months more than likely.

Hicswa had her last meeting as president of the Univesrity on Monday wehre she expressed some of the things that she thinks could benefit the school in the future.

A change in the schools name was one of them.

A lot of universities have “Northwest” in their name and Hicswas thinking is that switching it up could give the school more notability and distinction from other schools in the area and in the nation.

She gave examples of how the school could be something along the lines of “Yellowstone College” and could have specific classes and even studies that focused on the ecosystem of the national park.

Hicswa worked at the school for seven years and her passion and love for the school showed in the immense amount of accomplishments that were made under her guidance.

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