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Now You Know: Rare Asteroid 16 Psyche Worth $10,000 Quadrillion

Written by on October 29, 2020

Turns out you can put a price on an asteroid and there are some pretty expensive ones out there.

Something being worth $10,000 Quadrillion is pretty unfathomable, but that’s what rare asteroid 16 Psyche is worth.  This is because it’s made of iron and nickel instead of rock and ice, which is what most asteroids are made of.

16 Psyche is made of 27 quadrillion 200 trillion tons of iron and nickel.  At this moment, it is currently orbiting through space near Jupiter and Mars.  While asteroids made of metal have been discovered before, researchers theorize that 16 Psyche could be unique due to it being made of iron and nickel in particular.

In order to learn more about this asteroid, NASA will be sending out a spacecraft to the asteroid.

It’s been quite the week for space news.  Earlier this week, NASA announced the discovery of water on the moon.  For more on that story, check out the link below.  Next week, there will also be an asteroid that will be buzzing by earth the day before the presidential election.

One has to wonder, what space discovery is next?

NASA Reveals They Have Discovered Water On The Moon


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