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Off-roading Causes Road Closures in Shoshone National Forest

Written by on May 12, 2020

If two roads diverge into a wood, take whichever one will cause you to drive responsibly.

Shoshone National Forest has had to face a series of frustrating decisions in light of how people have been handling their spring openings. Several roads throughout the Forest are seasonally closed, as is to be expected. Forest staff try to open those roads as on-time as is possible, but that is largely determined by how quickly these unpaved roads dry out. But this comes with the understanding that everyone will only drive on the roads and not engaging in off-road driving – which is illegal.

Shoshone National Forest opened several roads in the Cody/Wapiti area on May 1st, on their regular schedule. The area itself was still significantly damp, but the roads were opened nonetheless. Now, these roads are now closed to all vehicle traffic. The reason? Illegal off-road driving, which in this case caused resource damage to the area and significant road braiding.

Forest officials have a simple message for any locals planning to drive in the park – allow wet roads to dry out, and do not engage in illegal driving off established roads to prevent more resource damage.


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