Paddleboarders–Don’t Forget Your Lifejacket

Written by on July 30, 2019

Paddleboards are a fun way to enjoy Wyoming’s waters and catch a few sun rays outside, but don’t forget to bring along a life jacket. Paddleboards, under Wyoming boating regulations, are considered a watercraft and users are required to have a life jacket.
Aaron Kerr–Wyoming Game and Fish Department law enforcement coordinator stated quote–In the past few years, several fatalities have occurred throughout the country when people fell off their paddleboards and drowned. Almost all of these deaths could have been prevented had the paddler been wearing a life jacket.” End quote.
Boating without proper life jackets is one of the most common watercraft-related violations in Wyoming.
To follow the regulations and be safe on a paddleboard-Each paddler needs a life jacket. Life jackets must be properly-sized for each person–U.S. Coast Guard approved and in good condition. Life jackets also need to be readily accessible or worn. Children 12 years old and under are required to wear a life jacket on the paddleboard.

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