Parents, Students and Athletes show support for fired coach in Thermopolis

Written by on April 19, 2019

The Thermopolis Independent Record reorts around 100 parents, students and athletes attended the Hot Springs County School District’s Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday night, expressing their wish for the district to reconsider the firing of Coach Matt McPhie.
McPhie, who coaches football and girl’s basketball as well as teaching, was denied a renewal of his contract for the upcoming year.
About 30 of those in attendance spoke up for McPhie, the parents urging the board to reconsider their decision based on how they have watched him work with students, his dedication to students from the little ones in rec sports through high school and his family’s place in the community.
Some of those parents admitted they were skeptical at first, some even saying they weren’t sure his methods were going to work, but in the end they saw what he had done, not only for their own children, but the teams as a whole.
McPhie’s football and girl’s basketball teams spoke glowingly of him, many of the boys feeling as though he is like a second dad to them, a man who listens and truly believes in what they’re doing. Several of the girl’s basketball players got emotional talking about McPhie and what he has done for them.
All of this was expressed during the Visitors/Public Comment period of the meeting, so no action was taken by the board other than listening to the comments.

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