Park County Communities Rally To Help Clark Families After Fire

Park County Communities Rally To Help Clark Families After Fire

Written by on November 18, 2021

Once again, the Park County community shows its incredible generosity by aiding two families who lost everything in Monday night’s fire outside Clark.

One of the hallmarks of Park County is its extreme generosity – when the going gets tough, Park County residents get going. Now that compassion and selflessness is on full display.

On Monday night, a wildfire suddenly ignited outside Clark. Winds up to 100 m.p.h. blew a tree into powerlines, creating the sparks that ignited the blaze. It’s estimated between 300 and 400 acres burned in less than a day.

The fire took the life of 61-year-old Cindy Ruth, who passed away Monday night due to smoke inhalation.

At least two primary residences and eight other buildings were utterly lost to the fire.

Unfortunately, the homes consumed were located at 93 and 95 Crossfire Trail. And they all belonged to the Flowers Family – some were even constructed by hand.

The primary residences Of Rebecca Flowers and Rose and Melvin Powell were lost in a single night. Nearly everything the family owned? Gone.

Worse still, the trailer where Rebecca Flowers lived was not insured – it couldn’t be. The family’s insurance company said the structure was too old to be covered by a policy.

That’s when Park County stepped up – as it always does.

The Flowers Families are temporarily living in housing provided by Cody Regional Health. These residences are typically for visiting doctors.

Within the week, two separate GoFundMe campaigns are live. As of Thursday afternoon,  over $3,000 has been donated between the two campaigns.

Nikki Flowers, daughter of Rebecca Flowers, says there is already an overwhelming amount of support – from both sides of the state line.

“The community of Clark is giving the family (monetary donations). There’s a couple that came down from Billings that donated clothing. There are so many donations within Cody – stores that have stepped up to let (my family) just come in and shop. It’s unbelievable. My heart is so full.”

Flowers adds that the Clark community continues to mobilize, donating food and clothing to her family. And support keeps coming in.

Currently, the Flowers Family is “beyond words” due to the loving support from the Park County community. But they have one immense message for the community – thank you.

“The community is just unbelievable,” Flowers says. “My heart is so full, and I’ve been in tears all day from how generous everyone is. ❤️😭”

You can donate to either GOFundMe campaign by following these links:

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