Park County School District #6 Amends COVID-19 Protocol

Park County School District #6 Amends COVID-19 Protocol

Written by on February 8, 2022

Park County School District #6 has changed its COVID-19 protocol, as it takes a more and less “active” approach to track the virus in Cody schools.

Cody Schools Interim Superintendent Tim Foley sent a message to the parents and guardians of Park County School District #6 earlier this week. In the message, a new COVID-19 protocol was announced.

In short, the district will only be tracking active cases of COVID-19 in Cody schools.

The goal is to continue in-person instruction in Park County School District #6 and ensure that sports and other activities may continue.

“The district will only be tracking known positive cases of COVID,” Foley writes.  “We will no longer be contact tracing close contacts nor tracking quarantines for those individuals. Students diagnosed with a positive case of COVID-19 should contact Annette Bollinger and will be required to stay home and isolate for the first five days.”

Foley included a list summarizing the main changes to the district’s protocol.

  • No changes for positive COVID-19 cases
  • Close contacts will not be traced or tracked by the schools.
    • Students who are currently acting under the previous COVID protocol may transition to this new protocol immediately. Please contact your school nurse with any questions.

The list also includes “strong recommendations” from Park County School District #6.

  • Stay home if you are experiencing any cold or COVID-like symptoms.
  • Contact your local healthcare provider if you are concerned about the symptoms you are experiencing.
  • Consider testing for COVID-19 and notifying any close contacts if your test is positive. The district has a limited supply of free Vault (PCR) tests available upon request.  Return to school or work only if your symptoms are improving and you’re fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medication for 24 hours.
  • Wear a mask if you can’t meet the social distance requirement of six feet or if you have a known exposure to a COVID-positive individual. Please refer to CDC guidelines to determine what type of face covering is appropriate for your personal situation.
  • Wash/sanitize your hands frequently.

COVID-19 concerns continue to lessen as the virus becomes endemic, even though the virus and its variants still pose significant health risks.

Park County School District #6 last amended its COVID-19 protocol in November 2021. This update changed how students and parents could handle quarantine when exposed to a positive COVID case.

Initially, students spent all or part of their quarantine at home. The amended protocol gave students the option to quarantine at school – provided they wear a mask, show no symptoms, and test negative for COVID-19.

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