Park County Sheriff Deputies Get Better Protection Thanks to Locals

Park County Sheriff Deputies Get Better Protection Thanks to Locals

Written by on May 24, 2021

Thanks to local generosity, Park County deputies have better protection while they work to protect our communities.

Courtesy Park County Sheriff’s Office

The Park County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division Deputies were presented with new Angel Armor body Armor, provided by the Organization SHIELD 616 in partnership with local community donors.

Roughly $2,400 per Patrol Deputy was donated to provide each one with a new state-of-the-art vest and helmet.  The Angel Armor RISE 2.0 vests come with Truth SNAP 308 C Plates and a Revision BALTSKIN VIPER A3 helmet.

The body armor is a dual, lightweight, multi-hit capacity vest, which is rifle rated. It can be worn all day – if needed – but can also be worn as an outer vest, making it removable during a regular shift.

The helmets are specifically designed for Law Enforcement officers. This specific model has been rated as giving Level IIIA protection, per the National Institute of Justice standards.

Courtesy Park County Sheriff’s Office

All of the Park County Sheriff’s Deputies are thrilled and humbled by the donations.

It’s not only the amount in donations that is impressive but also how quickly and without hesitation they were received.

The Park County Sheriff’s Office made the following statement on the donations:

“A Law Enforcement Agency is and should be a reflection of its community, its community standards, and the citizens themselves. Thank you to everyone for donations, tournaments, food, cards, and the kind words that have been received. The Park County Sheriff’s Office is extremely grateful for this community that has never failed to show support. Financial or otherwise.”

Donations have made significant contributions to the safety and capabilities of local law enforcement.

SHIELD 616, a non-profit organization, aims to provide “all-day rifle protection for peace officers and first responders who sacrificially serve our communities.” They have outfitted over 5,000 first responders in 22 states.

In September 2020, SHIELD 616 donated 23 ballistic helmets to the Cody Police Department. The money for the equipment came from Cody supporter Mary Dyk.

In December 2020, the Park County Sheriff’s Office received a top-of-the-line LaRue sniper rifle from LaRue Tactical.

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