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Healthy Travel Tips

Traveling for business or pleasure can easily derail your health and fitness plan. But with a little preparation, you can take a trip that your waistline won’t regret. I’m Wendy Corr, with your daily wellness tip.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of high calorie meals and less exercise when you’re on vacation. But often that means we return home with more than just great memories and some expensive souvenirs – we’ve also brought back a few extra pounds. Planning and a little research can help you avoid that struggle!

First, look up where you’ll be staying. Will there be a refrigerator in your hotel room? And is there a nearby grocery store or health food store? Shopping for healthy foods for breakfasts and snacks can not only save you calories, it can save you money as well.

When you’re planning your trip, decide ahead of time the restaurants that you just can’t miss. Look up their menus online and figure out the dishes that aren’t deep fried or smothered in cream sauce, so when you get there, you will be more prepared to make that healthy choice rather than give in to indecision.

Be as active as you can while you’re away! Look up nearby yoga studios, research trail maps for day hikes, or take a paddle board lesson at the beach. And don’t forget to take advantage of the hotel’s fitness center. Create a workout using their equipment, use the pool, or just do body weight exercises in your hotel room. Pushups, situps, and squats can be done almost anywhere.

For the road trip, be sure to pack your own healthy meals and snacks. Bringing healthy food from home prevents you from spending money on greasy fast food or junk food from convenience stores.

But over-riding all of these tips, the most important thing you can do throughout your trip is to not stress about food imperfection. Since exploring a new location often means sampling fun local foods, don’t completely deprive yourself – be sure to try something new! And if you eat a meal or two (or more) that don’t meet your healthy eating standards, chalk it up to experience and enjoy your vacation!


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