Public Asked to Help Fund Fireworks

Written by on June 14, 2019

In less than three weeks, the skies above Cody will be lit with an impressive fireworks display.

But the Cody Chamber of Commerce director says that next year’s 4th of July show might not be as impressive, if the money can’t be raised to fund the annual display.

Tina Hoebelheinrich and her staff at the Cody Chamber are spearheading an effort to raise the money to pay for next year’s fireworks show. She says in the past, the Cody Skylighters sold raffle tickets and raised the funds to put on the show – but that group disbanded over a year ago, leaving a large hole that the Chamber is working to fill.

Hoebelheinrich says that next year’s show will most likely cost more due to the tariffs that have recently been imposed on China, where the fireworks are imported from. She says that the new non-profit organization that has been formed to fund the annual show allows them to write grants to help pay for the display, but they are relying on the community to help raise the rest of the money needed.

To donate, residents can go to the Chamber of Commerce, or go online to the Chamber’s website,, go to the Events tab, and click on the Fireworks Donations link on the 4th of July.

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