Renner Reservoir Restoration nearing completion, minnows recently stocked

Written by on May 2, 2019

A project focused on bringing back the bass fishery in Renner Reservoir is near completion. Recently 2,000 fathead minnows were stocked in the 70 acre reservoir south of Hyattville. The minnows will serve as forage fish for bass that will be stocked within a few months, after the reservoir completely refills with water.
Historically, the reservoir produced quality large mouth bass fishing and was popular with local and traveling anglers alike. In 2014, the bass fishery was lost following a near complete winter-kill and over the last three years, Game and Fish has pulled out all the tools in the toolbox to bring this fishery back.
While the loss of the bass fishery in 2014 was unfortunate, ultimately it presented Game and Fish with an opportunity to address key limitations fisheries biologists had been struggling to manage over the last decade.
While the project has taken more time than expected and unforeseen challenges slowed the process, the dam repair was completed and a new concrete boat ramp was poured and the reservoir is now filling.

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