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Scott’s Car Corner: Missing Camaro Turns Up 17 Years Later

Written by on December 30, 2020

Now if your car was stolen and 17 years had passed since you had heard anything, you might assume it would be gone.  That’s what happened to one man in Virginia except he was lucky enough to find it 17 years later.

His 1969 Hugger Orange Camaro was stolen and after reporting it stolen, he continued to report it missing every year after that.

He didn’t have much luck for 17 years and then by chance, he just so happened to have a friend who was considering buying a 1968 Camaro and wanted him to check it out.  At the garage where this Camaro was, the man happened to see another Camaro in the corner that looked just like his.

He decided to check the VIN number and it turned out to be his.

So this story has a happy ending and his car was towed back to him by local authorities.

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