Search and Rescue Operation at Broken Heart Ice Flow

Written by on February 11, 2020

Park County Search and Rescue mobilized for a daring rescue this weekend.

A climbing party of 10 was climbing Broken heart ice flow, about 38 miles down the South Fork, when 42-year-old Richard James Dvorak fell at least 30 feet during the Saturday morning climb. After a call was placed to the Sheriff’s 911 Communication Center, Park County Search and Rescue mobilized immediately with two ground teams and their Argo tracked snow vehicle.

It took them a few hours before they could reach Dvorak, who was complaining of pelvic pain, possible broken ribs and a fractured left femur. His injuries were stabilized and rescue personnel packaged him for the descent by rope down two ice flow pitches. He was carried down the mountain and reached Cody Regional Health Center at 8:00 pm.

This rescue was truly a group effort. In addition to two members of the Cody Regional Wilderness Medical Team and five volunteers from the Big Horn County Search and Rescue Unit, several recreational ice climbers assisted as well.

Dvorak’s condition is currently unknown.

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