Sheridan Avenue Construction Resumes After Two Week Delay

Sheridan Avenue Construction Resumes After Two Week Delay

Written by on March 1, 2021

After two weeks of weather-related delays, the next and hopefully final phase of construction on Sheridan Avenue will begin the push up the Greybull Hill.

The Sheridan Avenue rehabilitation project resumes its work today. WYDOT and S&S Builders, the primary contractor, will begin sectioning off the downhill side of 17th Street in anticipation of the road construction ahead.

Construction has been delayed for two weeks. The original plan was to resume work on the project on Feb. 16.

The first week‘s delay was due to the onslaught of winter weather and sub-zero temperatures. The second week’s delay was due to the amount of snow still on 17th Street after the first week’s weather.

The good news is 2020’s mild fall gave construction crews a head start. Rather than stopping at Alger Avenue – as originally planned – construction moved forward to Draw Street until the end of Phase 2 in mid-December.

Now, the road is clear enough for construction barrels to be put in place and the complete rehabilitation to resume.

From now until completion, traffic will be carried on the west side until construction reaches Stampede Avenue. The speed limit will be reduced to 20 mph and no left turns will be allowed through the work zone.

Phase 3 will completely rehabilitate 17th Street between Alger and Stampede Avenues. That work will replace broken curb and gutter, double gutter, double gutter sidewalk, and concrete pavement.

The final steps of the project will be grinding and texturing Sheridan Avenue from East Sheridan to Stampede Avenue, and cleaning and sealing concrete joints over the entirety of the Sheridan Avenue project.

There is a definite deadline for Phase 3 – June 15. On that date, all construction will stop for the summer, regardless of progress. Every sign of construction will be removed.

Phase 4 is planned for Fall 2021 but neither WYDOT nor S&S Builders want construction to go that long.

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