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Shoshone Lake Being Tested For Toxic Bloom

Written by on September 16, 2020

There is a potential advisory for Shoshone Lake due to a potential harmful cyanobacterial bloom.

Washakie District Ranger Steve Schacht said samples of the lake’s water were collected last Friday. The results expected sometime next week.

Until those results are returned, Forest officials want to be proactive and prevent any potential incidents or illnesses in the event the bloom proves to be harmful.

Cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green bacteria, is always present and important to water ecosystems at low levels. These blooms are dense concentrations that have adverse effects on people and animals causing rashes, fatigue, disorientation, and stomach issues.

It can even result in death in extreme cases.

In order to avoid any toxicity or harm, the Wyoming Department of Health recommends the following steps:

  • Do not drink water from the bloom, even if it’s been filtered or boiled.
  • Rinse any fish you plan to eat with clean water and eat only the fillet portion.
  • Avoid water spray from the bloom.
  • Do not allow your pets or any livestock to drink water near the bloom, eat bloom material, or lick their fur if they come in contact with it.
  • If people, pets, or livestock come into contact with a bloom, rinse off with clean water as soon as possible and contact a doctor or veterinarian.

For more information on Shoshone Lake, please contact the Washakie Ranger District at 307-332-5460, visit, follow us on Twitter (@ShoshoneNF), or like us on Facebook (US Forest Service – Shoshone National.)

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