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Skillet McGillet: 2006-2020

Written by on December 14, 2020

A four-legged local legend has passed away.

2020 has claimed another celebrity, as the Park County Animal Shelter announced Monday that their mascot and permanent shelter resident Skillet died Sunday morning. He was 13 years old.

Skillet – full name Skillet McGillet – was the greatest living testament to the love and care shown to all animals at the Park County Animal Shelter. After many attempted adoptions and returns, the white pit-bull was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. The prognosis was only six months to live.

With that news, shelter staff decided to give Skillet a forever home at the shelter itself. He became a permanent resident had been “spoiled rotten” in the two and a half years since.

The shelter extends its thanks to the community for its role in giving Skillet the best life possible.

“Through all of the ups and downs, he continued to amaze us with his perseverance and love for life. His charismatic personality, slobbery kisses, and the joy he brought to those around him will be greatly missed. Thank you for helping us spoil Skillet rotten and for being the reason he lived 2.5 years past his expiration date.”

The news was greeted with an overwhelming amount of community support, with people taking to Facebook to share their sympathies and stories of one dog whose impact is clearly felt in Park County.

The Park County Animal Shelter is honoring Skillet in the best way possible, by reminding everyone of pit bulls nationwide that face “rejection and stereotyping” when it comes to adopting. They encouraged the adoption of pit bulls or donating to an organization that works to reverse the stigma of owning a pit bull.

Skillet’s passing is clearly felt by many; he was the Park County Animal Shelter’s ambassador to the community, But now, he will continue to be an ambassador for pit bulls everywhere thru the legacy he leaves behind in the hearts and minds of those who met him and experienced how much love and affection a pit bull can bring to so many lives.

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