Some Mountain Roads Closed

Written by on June 17, 2019

Due to the unseasonably wet and cool weather experienced in much of Wyoming, several roads and trails in the Shoshone and Bighorn National Forests have been closed to motorized travel.

Forest Service officials say many roads and trails have been saturated and become unstable, so the agency is delaying the opening of some roads and closing others to prevent resource damage and to protect public safety.

On the Medicine Wheel Ranger District in the Bighorn National Forest, the Hunt Mountain Road, a portion of the Medicine Wheel Road, the Porcupine, Little Horn, Duncum Creek, Alkali and Paintrock Roads are all closed for much of their routes.

The Shoshone National Forest has closed two roads for public safety reasons on the northern half of the Forest. The Line Creek road north of Cody and Forest Service Road 204.1A west of Meeteetse are closed due to run-off and rain related washouts making the roads extremely unsafe, and it remains uncertain when repairs will be made.

As a reminder, it is illegal to damage an existing travel way and it could lead to additional road closures.  The Forest Service is asking residents to do their part to ensure safe and legal access for everyone.

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