State Auditor Announces Launch of Transparency Website

Written by on June 6, 2019

State Auditor Kristi Racines announced the launch of a web-based platform this week that could one day offer an open window into all of state government’s finances.
The website,, went live earlier this month, per information from the Casper Star-Tribune. The site — which is managed by the auditor’s office — offers financial insights into payments made by 110 entities within state government.
While the platform lacks financial information for a number of agencies under the umbrella of state government — the website excludes expenditures for disability checks, for example, to protect the privacy of private citizens, and expenses related to criminal investigations — the website signifies the first in-house attempt by the state government to offer comprehensive financial transparency since the nonprofit organization threatened the state with legal action over its failure to release its expenditures over the past several years.

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