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Ice Cream

Ice cream lovers in Cody will soon have a reason to rejoice as a new ice cream business, The Bigg Chill, will be opening its doors this spring.

It was a mildly pleasant day at the Big Horn Radio Network in Cody for the first (annual) Big Horn Radio “Super Bowl.” The only rule – finish your food. The four flagship stations took their places on the field, technically the conference table at 1949 Mountain View Drive. The competitors were giddy but resolved.…

Have you ever found it weird that, for some reason, people enjoy ice cream more when the weather is colder? 

A tech millionaire offered to buy it. A U.S. senator suggested that the government should force manufacturers to make it. But so far, Klondike isn’t budging from its plan to discontinue the Choco Taco. Klondike confirmed Tuesday that the summer treat is being pulled from ice cream trucks, convenience stores and grocery shelves. “Over the…

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