Teacher Appreciation Week Highlights Efforts of Educators

Written by on May 8, 2019

Schools are the center of our community. That was the sentiment echoed by our local law enforcement leaders when talking about Worland. At the center of our school’s, according to Washakie County School District #1’s Superintendent David Nicholas — is our teachers.
Tuesday, May 7th was Teacher Appreciation Day — social media was flooded with memories of teachers past and present that made an impact on an individual’s life. Nicholas believes there can’t be enough praise for what educator’s do on a daily basis.

If we eached asked ourselves — who was our favorite teacher — or which educator made the biggest impact on our lives — an answer would not take long to formulate. Teacher’s have a way of seeing the best of what we could be — and guiding us to believing it ourselves. Nicholas left us with a quote from business executive Lee Iacocca.

Thank a teacher today!

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