Ten Sleep School Board Approves Concealed Carry Rule

Written by on January 18, 2019

The Ten Sleep School Board on Monday evening — in a 4 to 1 vote in favor — approved their concealed carry rule
The Northern Wyoming Daily News reports that Ten Sleep School Board attorney, Scott Kolpitcke did suggest to board members they may consider waiting to adopt the policy. The reason behind the request from Kolpitcke was in reference to Senate File 75, currently making its way through committee and potentially to a floor vote in the State Legislature.
SF 75, as it is written currently would not impact the new rule implemented by the Ten Sleep School Board, but Kolpitcke indicated that if the bill were to get to the floor, both chambers of the legislature could make changes that would require the Ten Sleep School Board to begin their rule making process again. That is due to guidelines inside the Wyoming Administrative Procedures Act, which requires all state and local agencies to follow certain procedures when enacting a rule.
Members from the school board and Town of Ten Sleep were pleased that teachers would have the option to conceal carry and believe that it will provide an additional layer of security. The lone vote against the rule was cast by Megan Truman, as she was concerned that having teachers conceal and carry would make the students feel less safe and might be detrimental to the students’ ability to learn.

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