Bighorn Basin 2022 Gubernatorial Debate Takes Place June 30

The Bighorn Basin 2022 Gubernatorial Debate Takes Place June 30th

Written by on June 24, 2022

The Bighorn Basin 2022 Gubernatorial Debate will take place June 30th at 7 p.m. in Worland, Wyoming.

This head-to-head debate will be an evening of 2 hours of conversation between the candidates. The current list of candidates running for the office of Governor in Wyoming, according to the 2022 Park County Candidate Filings, include: Mark Gordon, Brent Bien, Rex Rammell, James Scott Quick, Theresa A. Livingston, and Rex Wilde.

The Bighorn Basin 2022 Gubernatorial Debate is being sponsored by the Washakie County Wyoming Republican Party. As outlined on the event’s Facebook page, the location of the debate is: Worland Middle School Auditorium 2150 Howell Ave, Worland, WY 82401-3750, United States.

According to a recent press release, the debate format will look as follows:

* Moderator: Taylor Haynes former Republican candidate for Governor of Wyoming.

* MC: Marti Halverson former Republican member of the Wyoming House of Representatives

* 5:00 PM to 6:45 PM Event is open with candidate’s booths.

* Doors to the auditorium open at 6:30 PM

* 7:00 PM The Bighorn Basin 2022 Gubernatorial Debate program begins.

* Welcome everyone for coming out tonight by Worland Mayor Jim Gill

* Opening with a prayer – by Pastor Louis Pantelis

* National Anthem – by Abby Burgess – Worland High School Graduate, currently attending Northwest College with a major in vocal performance.

* Pledge of Allegiance – Seth LaVine and his service dog Augustus. Seth is a wounded veteran. `

* After the pledge – ask anyone who has served or currently serving to stand after the pledge.

* MC introduces the Washakie County Republicans & Debate Board and everyone who helped put this debate together. Tami Young, Washakie County Chairman, Franco Romero, Washakie County Vice-Chairman, Elizabeth Bates, Washakie County Secretary, Barb Burgess, Washakie County Treasurer, Jeff Pomeroy, Marketing, Washakie County Republican committee.

* Debate begins.

* Five-minute closing statement from the candidates.

* Closing statement from the moderator Taylor Haynes.

* 30 Minute meet & greet, and audience exit.

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