Thermopolis Police Make Drug Busts and Address Community Concerns

Written by on July 25, 2019

In a Tuesday Facebook Post–the Thermopolis Police Department relayed a drug bust–removing more than $15,000 of illegal drugs from the streets.
Officer Scott Gardner and Deputy Jake Miller combined on the bust and seizure of more than 100 grams of Methemphetamine. The approximated street value was $15,000 dollars.
Again yesterday afternoon–officers were successful in removing a host marijuana products and paraphernalia. Officer Ken Smith–Officer Lindsay Pahl and Deputy Jake Miller combined on the find and removal of the illegal substances.
As well a Facebook post has been circulating suggesting that someone has been going up to doors and looking for girls to traffic. The Thermopolis Police Department states in another Facebook update they have received no reports of incidents of this nature. They however suggest if this situation is happening–report it immediately to the Police Department.

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