Thermopolis Seeing Economic Boost This Summer

Written by on August 2, 2019

While it may not be due to the best of circumstances–the additional influx of business and the normal summer tourism in Hot Springs County is set to boost the economy.
The Thermopolis Independent Record spoke to Amanda Moeller–CEO of the Thermopolis-Hot Springs Economic Development Company–she stated quote–“With the estimated $1 million-plus of hail damage to Thermopolis, the economy could see expansion several times more than that. The number of companies who have come in to town are not only increasing the sales tax through services, but are also staying in motels, eating in restaurants, and fueling up in town – a welcome addition to the local economy.” End quote.
Businesses that have come into town to address hail damage are renting work spaces–donating to the local fair and livestock auction. Additionally–there is always a chance they decide to call Thermopolis home–purchasing a home and bringing in a family that would add to the school system. Through an unfortunate nature event–the town is set to receive an unexpected boost.

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