University of Wyoming Extension Releases Hemp Bulletin

Written by on August 26, 2019

The Hemp in Wyoming publication from the University of Wyoming Extension provides an overview of the annual herbaceous flowering crop, Cannabis Sativa.
When Cannabis Sativa is grown as a field crop for oil, food, or fiber, it is typically referred to as industrial hemp. Some cultivars are grown for their medicinal or psychoactive properties.
This bulletin is for anyone who is curious about hemp as a crop and how it might fit into typical crop rotations in Wyoming.
Caitlin Youngquist, University of Wyoming Extension educator states quote–“Remember, it is not yet legal to grow hemp in Wyoming. For the most current information about growing hemp in the state, I encourage people to visit the Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA) website.”
UW College of Agriculture and Natural Resources master technician John Connett commented he has had many years of experience as a field and greenhouse manager and would be happy to discuss any practical questions regarding hemp production. He can be contacted at 307-766-5022 or
Head to my big horn basin dot com to find links to the Hemp in Wyoming Publication and the current status of the WDA Wyoming Hemp program.

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