Unkempt Yards–Junk Vehicles and Home Devaluation–City Council Hears from Resident

Written by on June 20, 2019

The Worland City Council designates a part of each meeting to any citizen’s concerns that may need to be addressed. At Tuesday’s meeting a Worland resident brought to the board’s attention the issue of unkempt yards and the storing of junk vehicles and other debris in public view.
The issue the resident had was a valid concern that their home value was being impacted by the state of disrepair at a neighbor’s home. The resident had sought legal council–but due to cost–legal action was not an option. The resident asked three things of the council–either revisit and revise the law–remove the law–or enforce the law.
Worland City Attorney Kent Richins told the council that this had been an ongoing issue and he has taken this particular family to court multiple times. Each time they got a conviction–and the family did pay their fines–though Richins noted it did take some time.
As well Chief Elliott and Richins noted that when it comes to ordinance violations–residents have 10 days to rectify a situation. So each time the city cites them or issues a warning–the 10-day clock begins–they fix the issue and then another issue pops up down the road and the process begins again.
The council did commit to looking at the specific ordinance in a council work session in the very near future. Councilwoman Mandy Horath lamented–quote–“each time we try to fix something–it seems we create a whole new problem.” End quote.

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