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Unpaid Property Taxes Go To Auction August 16

Written by on August 2, 2017

Park County tax payers have just two more weeks to pay their overdue property taxes – or those taxes will go up for auction.
Park County Treasurer Barb Poley and her staff are busy compiling a list of unpaid property taxes, which, if left unpaid, could result in investors purchasing those taxes. That means that the property owners would owe an investor 18% interest to reclaim their ownership.
Over $219 thousand dollars are currently outstanding from about 250 property and irrigation tax accounts. Poley says that her staff is busy calling as many of those on the list as possible, but they can’t reach everyone. She says that’s why they are reaching out through multiple media outlets, including newspaper, radio, and online, in an effort to notify everyone of the delinquent taxes.
Poley says that there are many reasons that people fail to pay their taxes, including just plain forgetfulness.
Carrie Reed in the Treasurer’s Office says that investors who purchase the unpaid taxes can earn 18% interest, which is charged to the taxpayer. If after four years, the property owner doesn’t pay the county for the taxes plus interest, the investor can apply to acquire the property itself.
However, Poley says the best scenario is for the property owner to pay before the August 16th auction date. She encourages anyone who is delinquent on their property or irrigation taxes to go to their website at www.parkcounty.us/countytreasurer/tax_sale.html and pay online.
The tax sale will be August 16th at the Park County Public Library.

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