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‘Unsolved Mysteries’ – the Skeleton in Thermopolis

Written by on March 9, 2021

“Unsolved Mysteries” is an iconic television series that re-enacts crazy crimes and tries to… you guessed it! Solve the unsolved mystery.

What you may not know about the longstanding series is that their are more than a few episodes about Wyoming.

This weeks Wyoming unsolved mystery took place in Thermopolis and is called “Gabby’s Bones.”

The episode tells the story of a man named Newel Sessions who attained some possessions from his friend named “Gabby” and one of them happened to be a storage shed.

Turns out this shed contained a skeleton of a man. Gabby had claimed to have never opened the trunk.

The crazy thing is, Sessions was just going to get rid of the trunk and forget about it when it was his wife that told him they must inform the police.

“Hm. Weird. That one guy I was kind of friends with who jumped off the face of the earth and left town had a dead body in his storage shed. Oh well, I better throw it out.” The logic seems to be lacking somewhere though.

Thank God for his wife.

Find out the end to the mystery here or on Amazon Prime!


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