Vesicular Stomatits Spreads to Horses in Multiple Counties Including Hot Springs

Written by on September 30, 2019

A virus that has affected some horses in northwest Wyoming has now spread to cattle.
Vesicular Stomatitis has been found in cattle in three different herds – one case in Hot Springs County, and other cases are believed to be in Platte and Park counties.
The disease was first discovered in Wyoming around late July when a horse in Platte county was confirmed by state and national veterinarian’s with the virus. Since then, twelve counties across the State have confirmed cases in equine infections.
Biting insects are believed to be the main cause for the outbreak – however, the viral disease is highly contagious and can spread by animal-to-animal contact.
Vesicular Stomatitis is a viral disease that commonly affects horses, cattle and pigs but can affect sheep, goats and wild animals.
There is no vaccine available for VSV. The state livestock board requests producers that believe their livestock may be infected with VSV to contact their local veterinarians as soon as possible.

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