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Walmart Mandates Masks in All Locations – Cody Too

Written by on July 16, 2020

Having trouble remembering what to take home from Walmart? Starting next Monday, you’ll need to remember to bring something from home too.

Yesterday, in a statement released from the office of Walmart’s COO Dacona Smith and Sam’s Club COO Lance de la Rosa, it was announced that all shoppers will be required to wear face masks in all of their over 5 thousand locations in the U.S. Several states have already mandated face masks for everyone in public, which would include while shopping in private retailers like Walmart. In order to keep things consistent within their chains, both COOs say this is a simple step to keep everyone safe. New Health Ambassadors will be hired and stationed at store entrances to remind everyone of the requirement once it takes effect.

This decision has seen mixed results. On the Facebook post announcing the corporate decision on the Cody Classifieds page, many applauded the decision seeing it as a minor inconvenience for the greater health of the community. Others were not so supportive. In strong language, many declared Walmart has lost their business, that masks were the real dangers in the world, and that there isn’t an increase of COVID-19 cases, just an increase in testing.

One person reminded everyone of the Cody Walmart’s recent overhaul which was done largely to accommodate Walmart’s new grocery store pickup and delivery services. A maskless option for Walmart shopping, and one that’s fairly easy to use.

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