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Ward Off Hunger Without Blowing Your Diet

Written by on September 27, 2018

One of the toughest things about losing weight and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is that many of us find that we are hungry more often! I’m Wendy Corr, and in today’s Wellness Tip, I’ll give you some ideas to ward off hunger without ruining your diet!
One of the key components of a weight loss regimen is portion control. When we’re used to eating what we want, when we want, which is how we gained extra weight in the first place, it’s tough to discipline ourselves to control how much we eat, and know when to say “enough.” Additionally, fruits and vegetables aren’t nearly as calorie-dense as sugar and fat laden processed foods, so you may find yourself hungrier between meals.
So how do we overcome these obstacles to reach a healthier weight?
First, make wise food choices. Lean protein is a great hunger-fighter – studies have shown that protein helps make people feel more full than high-carbohydrate foods. So do healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil and nuts! But be sure to keep those foods at a minimum when you’re trying to cut calories – they’re important, but shouldn’t be the focus of any meal or snack.
Choose fruits and veggies that you can eat in larger quantities – high fiber fruits like berries and apples are great at filling you up with very few calories! And veggies such as zucchini, spaghetti squash, and leafy greens are high volume foods – that means that your stomach will fill up with these low calorie nutrition power houses, sending the message to your brain that you’ve had enough without overloading yourself.
And don’t be afraid to snack – just choose wisely! Low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods like berries, broccoli, old fashioned oatmeal or sweet potatoes can help you bridge the gap between meals without blowing your calorie budget.
One of the best hunger-busters is water! Drinking water might actually be the key for many people, as our bodies often give us the signal that we are hungry, when actually we’re dehydrated!
And don’t discount exercise. Exercise can reduce hunger hormone levels, and lead to reduced hunger and calorie intake.
Thanks for tuning in to Wellness with Wendy! I’m a certified holistic nutritionist, a mom, an entertainer and a radio personality – so finding balance is the key to my life. I love sharing tips and tricks to help you live your best life – so for more health and wellness news and advice, follow my blog on mybighornbasin.com. See you again next time for Wellness with Wendy!

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