Washakie County Commissioners Discuss Emergency and Fire Sign Solutions

Written by on February 20, 2019

Fire and Emergency signs were back on the agenda for the Washakie County Commissioners during Tuesday’s meeting.
Commission Chairman Fred Frandson opened the discussion highlighting the confusion regarding sign placement at the entrance of County roads, subdivisions and private lanes. The hope is to find a solution that will benefit the property owners and assist emergency crews in properly identifying residences when responding to emergencies including medical and fire.
Worland Fire Chief Chris Kocher and Worland Ambulance Director Luke Sypherd and the Commissioners were in agreement — that when it came to county roads — identifying numbers should be placed at the entrance of individual properties and residences.
The issue now — is to identify where the most problem-plagued areas are. A combination of Kocher — Sypherd — County Assessor Kathy Treanor and Washakie County Road and Bridge Head Keith Bower — will work on a plan to address the problem areas and present it to the Commissioners during the first meeting in May.
The Commissioners asked County Surveyor and Planner David Anderson what could be done with subdivision rules moving forward. Anderson indicated they could make amendments to current subdivision policy that would require residents of subdivisions to display a physical address at the entrance or front of their properties. The policy change would require informing the public and hosting a public meeting.
A unique challenge is dealing with family splits — where growing families build more and more homes on the same land. If the families know the proper documents to file — they can circumvent Anderson’s office. So the policy change is not a solve all issues solution — but it is a start.
When it comes to private property that extends off of a country road — the county itself cannot force a private property owner to display an emergency sign or physical address — but it was discussed that property owners would be contacted to try and facilitate the placement of signs. The cost of the signs would more than likley be shouldered by the county.

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