Washakie County SD #1 Board Trustees See ALICE Training in Action

Written by on February 1, 2019

Five actions encompass the acronym ALICE – they are Alert, Lockdown, Information, Counter and Evacuate.
School districts – like Washakie County School District #1 have taken serious steps to address what their response would be in an active shooter event. ALICE training and the scenarios that are demonstrated – and participated in by administrators and educators – are intense and are designed to create a sense of urgency.
At Monday’s WCSD #1 meeting, board trustees, administrators and media in attendance were taken through a pair of scenarios. First, all safety precautions were taken, safety glasses handed out and an explanation of the upcoming demonstration given. In both scenarios – there was a designated “shooter” – WCSD #1 Business Manager Jack Stott was the scenarios “shooter”.
In scenario one, board trustees and members in attendance were told too operate under the past suggested action of “lights off – hunker down.” As Stott entered the room and began firing – he was given a twenty second window – he was able to hit 19 of 20 participants. Participants shared their thoughts – they were in tune – that the feeling was one of “helplessness”.
In scenario two, board trustee members and audience participants were told to use the five pillars of ALICE training. A major part of the actions that should be taken by those who may find themselves in an active shooter situation is OODA LOOP. Sounds amusing – but is serious and effective. OODA LOOP stands for observe, orient, decide, act and then repeat. Participants were told to make noise – throw items at the shooter to distract – audience members were given soft foam balls as real harm was not the intent in reacting to Stott entering the room. As scenario two played out, audience members attempted to lock down the door – while Stott was able to enter – he was subdued by quick action in a matter of seconds – only 1 out of 20 in the room was hit.
In concluding the topic discussion WCSD #1 Superintendent David Nicholas stated poignantly, quote “you are only as safe as your community, you are no safer than that.”

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