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Watch a Wyoming Family Bring Home Their Horse in a Denali

Written by on November 24, 2020

Horses are on the top of the list when it comes to favorite animals in Wyoming. Their are 99,000 horses in the state and even though that may be on the lower side comparatively to the country, our horses hold dear places in our hearts. Just to do some quick math, their are 500,000 people approximately that live in Wyoming, meaning that horses are 20% of the population. That perspective frames it all a little differently.

The family wanted the new addition to the family to feel as such so they put her in the backseat of their truck for the drive home. The young stallion found some tunes she likes too as this video was recorded while they were listening to the song “Old Town Road.”

The family’s description of the events is as good as it gets:

“Picking up our new miniature horse Miss 2020. She was so tiny I did not have the heart to put her in the horse trailer alone. We decided to put her in our GMC Yukon XL DENALI. As we started our trip back home the song ‘“Old Town Road”’ by Lil Nas X came on the radio and we started recording her riding in style listening to the music. It was meant to be! We had waited for 4 months to bring her home. We purchased her after we had suddenly lost her half brother which we had owned for 4 years.”

For copyright reasons they couldn’t include the song she was rocking out too so here is the music video of the 2019 hit song.

Bringing a puppy home is one thing, but bringing home a new horse is a special event especially here in Wyoming.

Another story here in the state:

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