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WATCH: Bear Caught On Video Breaking Into House

Written by on November 2, 2020

Bears will do just about anything for food, even if that means stealing it.

Recently in Lake Tahoe California, a bear and its cub were caught on video doing just that. A pair of tourists were able to witness the theft occurring in real-time.

The owner of the house had apparently left their property very accessible, and the bear waltzed right in and took a couple of snacks for its cub to eat.

One unfortunate reality about bears is that there will always be bears who cause problems. The bear in this video is a good example of a problem bear. Unfortunately, as a result of its actions, there’s a good chance this bear might be relocated or put down.

This is why proper food storage when you are around bears is especially important. While some bears cause more problems than others, we can help prevent this by doing our part to not tempt these bears.

Bears are not the only curious animals out there and recently in Pinedale, a moose was caught on video trying to get into a senior center. Check out the video below to see if it was successful.

WATCH: Dog Scares Off Moose Trying To Enter Senior Center

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