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WATCH: Grizzly Fights Off Wolf Pack in Yellowstone

Written by on November 4, 2020

A dramatic new video depicting the true wildness of Yellowstone has emerged.

Last month, a once in a lifetime encounter between a grizzly bear and a wolf pack was caught on video in Yellowstone. In this video, a bear was minding its own business in a valley when it noticed a wolf pack. It then got on its hind legs to check out the situation and began to approach the wolves.

This then resulted in the bear and the wolves nipping at one another in almost a playful manner. The wolves then escorted the bear into a nearby wooded area. Ultimately, the wolves were not successful in attacking the grizzly and they ended up retreating.

However, it is still quite a dramatic video and shows us just wild Yellowstone can really be.  Whether it’s bears, wolves, or bison, they call them wild animals for a reason.  Recently in Yellowstone, onlookers got a little close for comfort to a sudden bison stampede.  More on that story below.

WATCH: Yellowstone Visitors Get A Little Too Close to Stampeding Bison

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