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WATCH: Grizzly in Yellowstone Defends Its Kill From a Wolf.

Written by on October 1, 2020


The story of Grizzly 791 continues as a new video has emerged of the bear protecting the elk it had killed and buried from a wolf.

In this new video, the grizzly can be seen laying down, guarding the dead elk while the wolf attempts to approach it on several occasions. Each time the wolf gets close, the grizzly simply stands up which scares the wolf away.

The lone wolf poses very little threat to the grizzly and as a result, this grizzly does not seem very affected by the wolf’s presence. After multiple tries, the wolf ultimately gives up on trying to get a piece of the elk.

This is not the first time that Grizzly 791 has had to defend the elk. Earlier this week, quite the dramatic encounter took place between Grizzly 791 and another bear trying to steal some of the elk. It resulted in an exciting video of the two bears squaring off. Grizzly 791 was able to successfully able to defend its elk in this instance.

Encounters like this are not uncommon in Yellowstone, but most are not visible to onlookers.  Luckily, the recent events involving Grizzly 791 have been visible and caught on video making for some exciting footage.

It all started with the original video of the grizzly taking down an elk in the Yellowstone River.  If you have seen it yet, check out the video below in all its brutality.

WATCH: This Yellowstone Grizzly Takes Down an Elk in Epic Wyoming Fashion


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