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WATCH: Snowboarder Lets His Dogs Do All The Work

Written by on December 28, 2020

Our neighbors north of the border in British Columbia have come up with a very Canadian way of snowboarding which is effectively dog sledding.

A video is going viral from Jade City, BC where a man on his snowboard is pulled across the street by his dogs which are on harnesses.  His method works flawlessly and it honestly seems like a great way to get around in the winter.

I could definitely see some of our local Wyomingites trying this method once we have enough snow to do so.

The snow can cause people to come up with unique forms of transport and also can make the easiest of tasks, extraordinarily difficult.  Check out a video linked below in which a man in the UK has the ultimate struggle trying to enter his house which is surrounded by black ice.

WATCH: Man Battles Black Ice While Trying to Enter House

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